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 SPOTLIGHT - PFR Evidence Based!

Promoting First Relationships® (PFR) is a University of Washington based program that trains service providers in the use of practical, in-depth, effective strategies for promoting secure and healthy relationships between caregivers and young children (birth to three).


Using Promoting First Relationships

Professionals who work with caregivers and young children often see the need to support and guide caregivers in building nurturing and responsive relationships with children. Promoting First Relationships will give you the knowledge, tools, and strategies to support parents and caregivers to be loving, responsive and tuned into their children's feelings and needs.


Features of the Promoting First Relationships Program

  • Integrates theory, practice and intervention
  • Unique consultation and intervention strategies
  • Various learning approaches including video case studies, role-playing and reflective dialogue
  • Implemented one-on-one with parents, in the clinic or home, and with child care providers and early childhood teachers responsible for group care
  • Applies the PFR framework directly to issues faced in your work environment

The Two Levels of Promoting First Relationships Training:


Level I: Knowledge Building                                           Level II: Skill Building (evidence based)

         2-day Learner Workshop                                               Mentored Distance Learning


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